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I am a brand and marketing professional working out of New York City. I’m interested in helping you work on whatever might be holding you back.


I have oodles of experience writing, designing, facilitating, and problem solving. I like people who want to make something out of nothing and get their hands dirty in the process.



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I'm fascinated with the entire process of building and shaping an identity. I believe that building a brand is about steeping great ideas in quixotically intoxicating design. It's about delivering more than what the consumer expects. To me, it's about acknowledging that those who love your "you-ness" want to spend time with you and help you build a culture.


I want to help you with


public relations



(really sexy) copywriting

best practices

next practices

(is that a real thing?)





I've worked with some of the most storied brands in the classical music and education publishing spaces.



finding that font

user experience

more editing

probably more marketing

emotional eating

quality control

damage control

making more coffee


New York Repertory Orchestra


In 2014 I was given the opportunity to redesign the web presence for New York City's preeminent volunteer orchestra. Don't let the word "volunteer" throw you - these musicians deliver 5 kick-ass concerts each year.


Music Studio


In 2015 McGraw-Hill Education launched Music Studio - a platform built for music educators to deliver 21st century content in 21st century ways. It's been a wild ride, and I look forward to watching where this product goes in the coming years.




I've always been fascinated with coding. When I decided I needed a professional blog I decided generating original content wasn't enough - I wanted to build the Wordpress theme from the ground up.